Curren$y - The Drive In Theatre

New Valentine’s Day project from Spitta “The Drive In Theatre” Visit for the Jet Life Pack version of the mixtape now! Follow on twitter @Currensy_Spitta

Friday Feb 21 03:50pm

Curren$y- AD4

Thursday Dec 19 06:30pm
Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies - Fresh Veggies - NoDJ

Thursday Dec 19 06:28pm
Le$ - Gran Turismo - $x$, DJ Mr. Rogers

Le$ continues to grow as artist and with his splendid taste of producers from  like evil needle and joachim to name a few, he continues to flourish on these vibrant beats. I’m looking forward to his future projects, I’m really like the direction he’s going.

Thursday Dec 19 06:16pm

Phil Ade- Every Bag

The DMV assault continues tonight with Phil Ade, he dropped his lastest mixtape Rose you can peep it here 

Thursday Dec 19 06:13pm

Skeme Ft Wale- Ain’t Perfect

Afters months and months of being away from music and blogging i’ve decided to come back to what i enjoy most. I’m a little behind on whats hot at the moment but i’m sure i’ll catch up so lets get started. My 500th post lets get it with Skeme and Wale.

Thursday Dec 19 06:10pm

Curren$y - I Can’t Stop (Prod by Sledgren)  Fan made video

Thursday Nov 14 05:56pm
Gilbere Forte - PRAY - Download & Stream

Well i think this is the first time i got Mr. Forte’ on my blog which is bad of me considering he’s been on my itunes the last 2 years. Long story short Gilbere Forte’ is back off a fresh record deal. I’m excited to see he’s been  in the lab putting together new masterpieces. Take a listen……

Tuesday Jul 16 11:02am
LV Baby - Island - NoDJ

LV Baby - Island - NoDJ - Free Mixtape Download And Stream

I haven’t featured a up and coming artist in awhile and today i stumbled on one i was feeling. This tape has your typical smoke one type of vibe which is fine with me because you can ride too it. I personally think its ok i give it a 3.5 out of 5. check it out for yourself.

Tuesday Jun 18 03:23pm
Chuck Inglish - Droptops - Download & Stream

Chuck Inglish - Droptops - Download & Stream

Like Sir Michael Rocks, Chuck Inglish is also taking the solo route with his music. The official title of his album i believe is convertibles but Droptops in the prequel to that. I’m diggin this tape but i’d be lying if i said i didnt want a Tacklebox 2.0 or something. Check out the tape tell me what you think. 

Tuesday Jun 18 02:55pm
Sir Michael Rocks - While You Wait - NoDJ
Sir Michael Rocks - While You Wait - NoDJ - Free Mixtape Download And Stream

Sir Michael of the Rocks formerly of The Cool Kids continues his solo efforts with his 5th project “while you wait”. I’ve been a fan of his older works since 2008. I’d be lying if i told you i wasn’t a cool kids fan because i’m actually one of the biggest one’s i know. A lot of people continue to speculate on whether or not  they’re still a group. I honestly can’t answer that because i feel like Mr. Rocks has move on from that sound and style (i’m not gonna say swag) type of rap anymore. His last three projects are way left field of that. I love the premier politic series i wish that was his main direction but as a fellow artist myself i understand what he’s doing. Everyday you work to improve your craft but you can’t do it the same over and over, if you feel you have out grown it. Enough critique already lets get down too business. Download his latest project above and tell me what you think.

Wednesday Jun 12 02:46pm
Le$ - E36 - $x$

I’ve heard a few of his songs and previous mixtapes and i must say i’m becoming a fan. Texas has quite a few young and upcoming artist coming and going, but i think this one has the grind for the long haul. The first three songs set the mood for the tape and if you’ve heard any of his previous tapes you can tell he went for a different vibe (vibe i like). If you own a bmw give it a download!!! and tell me what you think. Ride around your city with the windows down, feel the ambiance of this euro-centric type vibe with a twist of texas.

Wednesday Jun 12 02:15pm
329 plays // Download?

I had to reblog this smoothness. I don’t know much about this female songstress but i’m going to do some research on her, but any song with Kendrick in it is worth the listen.

Wednesday Jun 12 02:06pm

Curren$y- Mary (Official live video)

Thursday May 16 11:52am
Nas ~ Pre-Illmatic Demo {FULL ALBUM} Sunday Apr 28 11:02am
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