Phil Ade- Every Bag

The DMV assault continues tonight with Phil Ade, he dropped his lastest mixtape Rose you can peep it here 

Thursday Dec 19 06:13pm

Skeme Ft Wale- Ain’t Perfect

Afters months and months of being away from music and blogging i’ve decided to come back to what i enjoy most. I’m a little behind on whats hot at the moment but i’m sure i’ll catch up so lets get started. My 500th post lets get it with Skeme and Wale.

Thursday Dec 19 06:10pm

Wale- Never Never

Friday Feb 15 05:23pm

Wale- H2O

Monday Jan 21 11:25pm

Tabi Bonney- Parachute

Saturday May 26 02:23pm
60 plays

Lace Cruz- Tell me ya name.

Friday May 4 09:50pm

Phil Ade- Gone

Friday Apr 27 08:39pm

Sabi ft. Wale- Where they do that at.

Friday Apr 20 08:23pm

Curren$y- What it look like (Ft. Wale)

Tuesday Apr 3 07:53pm
Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Respect

My homie from france sent this my way awhile ago and i’m just now listening to it smh…. some hip hop head huh. Anyway Str8 out of the DMV lyriciss presents The Balance EP: Respect. It’s only five tracks really but it’s listed as ten because the EP has the clean and dirty versions of all songs.

Tuesday Apr 3 07:43pm

i’m diggin in my dmv vault today.

Sunday Feb 5 06:01pm

old but good

Sunday Feb 5 05:55pm

Sunday Oct 23 07:00pm
Wale - The Eleven One Eleven Theory

Wale came out of nowhere with this tape !!!!!! i sure wasn’t  expecting another one for a  hot min……. but shit i’m happy with it. Cick on the link for download.

Friday Aug 19 09:50pm

Primary element is a new rap group out of the DMV (where i’m also from) Who just released this video via i’m going to keep my eyes open for this group.

Thursday Jul 7 10:43pm
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